Why should I get my policy from HT PARTNERS Sigorta?

HT Correct Product
With our renewed artificial intelligence, we find the cheapest, most suitable and comprehensive insurance offer among dozens of insurance offers. Let your decision always be clear with clear guarantees and clear prices.
HT Good Offer / Advantageous Price
Our priority is always you. We offer a "best price guarantee" in all the companies we work with, considering your budget.
HT Doğru Fuses
We are with you in every need with our 14 years of experience and expert insurance consultants. Moreover, you can reach us within seconds at the time of damage.

Get quotes from over 30 insurance companies

Most Frequently Asked Questions About HT PARTNERS

Why should I choose HT PARTNERS, what is your difference?

HT PARTNERS is one of Turkey's leading and leading digital insurance brokers. Our difference as a broker is that we act by putting our customers first and looking after their interests. With this vision, we are always there for our customers and enable them to objectively compare both coverage and prices by displaying offers from more than 20 insurance companies on a single screen. In this way, our customers can easily identify the insurance that best suits their needs and purchase it online. Additionally, our team with 14 years of experience is ready to provide support in case of any need that may arise after sales.

Do you charge customers additional fees for policy sales?

No, we do not charge any extra fees. We only charge our customers the policy fee determined by the insurance company. on this fee HT PARTNERS We offer the most advantageous offers to our customers thanks to the discounts or cooperation campaigns we provide.

Do you offer discounts on policy prices?

Yes, at the policy price determined by the insurance company, customer specific HT PARTNERS Discounts can be added. During the purchase process, the amount determined by the insurance company will be deducted from your card, but the discount amount will be charged. HT PARTNERS will be returned to the credit card from which the payment was made within one week.

How do I choose the best insurance quote?

We evaluate the offers specially prepared for our customers by more than 20 contracted insurance companies in terms of prices and guarantees and make suggestions. In this way, our customers, among the offers; can easily identify the most affordable product, the product with the best price/performance ratio, and the product with the most comprehensive guarantee. Thus, our customers can quickly find the most suitable policy for their needs and start their assurance immediately, without the need for lengthy reviews.
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