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What is HT Transportation Insurance?

HT Transportation insurance provides protection against damage or loss that may occur during the transportation of goods from one place to another. This insurance is valid for transportation by sea, air, rail or land.

HT Transportation Insurance Types

HT Marine Transportation Insurance

Maritime transport insurance provides protection against risks that goods may encounter during transportation by ship or other maritime vessels.

Scope: Damages caused by a stricken ship cover many risks, from cargo falling overboard, collision, natural disasters at sea and even pirate attacks.

Additional Guarantees: Additional coverage options are available for special situations such as war and strike risks, additional expenses incurred to prevent cargo from deteriorating.

HT Air Transport Insurance

This insurance covers risks related to air transportation. It covers damages that occur during the transportation of goods by plane.

Scope: It covers many risks, including aircraft crashes, technical malfunctions, damage caused by weather conditions and even terrorist attacks.

Additional Guarantees: Additional coverage may be obtained for airport delays, transit damages and cargo theft.

HT Land Transportation Insurance

It is a type of insurance developed for land transportation risks.

Scope: It covers risks such as traffic accidents, cargo tipping over, vehicle fires and natural disasters.

Additional Guarantees: Additional coverage can be obtained against risks such as theft, robbery and cargo manipulation.

HT Railway Transportation Insurance

It covers the risks that may occur during the transportation of goods by rail.

Scope: It covers train accidents, derailments, tunnel accidents, bridge collapses and other rail-related risks.

Additional Guarantees: Additional coverage is available for theft, cargo disruption or other special situations at railway stations.

Why Should We Get HT Transportation Insurance?

The Importance of Having Transportation Insurance:
Scope Width: The insurance policy may be issued with special conditions to expand or narrow the coverage. In addition to basic risks, theft, robbery or other special risks can also be covered with additional coverage.
International Validity: Transportation insurance is also valid for international transportation. It covers the process of goods from the starting point to the destination.
Specified Limitation: The maximum amount to be covered by the insurance is determined in the policy. This is usually calculated on the value of the goods carried.
Financial Assurance: It is important to have transportation insurance to avoid financial loss as a result of a possible accident, theft or other unexpected situations during the transportation of goods. Insurance covers such damages and provides you with financial security.
Business Continuity: Especially in the trade and industry sector, business continuity is disrupted if goods are damaged or lost. These disruptions can be prevented with insurance.
Safe Transport: Transportation insurance lets you know that your goods are safe against risks that occur during transportation. This offers peace of mind to both businesses and individual customers.
Assurance in International Transportation: In international transportation, laws and regulations of different countries may apply. Transportation insurance provides protection against uncertainties that may arise during international transportation.
Customer happiness: Transportation insurance for businesses increases customer satisfaction by showing the customer that the goods are transported safely and that he has the right to compensation in case of any problems.
Relations with Transport Companies: Transportation insurance minimizes tensions between the parties in case of a possible problem in relations with transportation companies.
Being Prepared for Risk: Unexpected situations and risks always exist. Transportation insurance allows you to be prepared for these risks.
Flexible Policy Options: There are different policy options in transportation insurance depending on the type of goods transported, transportation method and route. This provides protection specific to the needs.
Fast and Effective Solution: Insurance companies help minimize damage by providing a fast and effective solution in case of damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does transportation insurance cover?

In general, transportation insurance covers damages resulting from unexpected and sudden events such as accident, fire, collision, and rollover. The scope can be expanded with additional coverage.

How is the insurance premium determined?

Premium; It is determined according to factors such as the type of goods transported, their value, the method of transportation, the risk of the route and additional guarantees.

What should I do if the goods are lost during transportation?

First of all, you should inform the transportation company. You must then report the damage to your insurance company.

What types of transportation does transportation insurance cover?

It covers sea, air, land and rail transportation.

Is it mandatory to have transportation insurance?

It may be mandatory in some countries and for goods over a certain value. However, it is generally a voluntary type of insurance.

Is transportation insurance only valid for international transportation?

No, it is valid for both national and international transportation.

When does insurance coverage start and end?

The coverage continues from the moment the goods begin to be transported until they are delivered at the destination.

How is the value of the goods determined during transportation?

It is usually determined on the invoice value, but additional costs and markup may also be included.

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